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Image by Camila Cordeiro

Hey, I am Deborah!


Ever since I was little, planning & organising is what came naturally to me and led me to follow a Bachelor's course in Event Management. For the last five years I've worked at Deloitte and organised more than 30-40 (recruitment) events every year.


A  few years ago I attended my first wedding and noticed that this really touched me. The emotions, the vibe and love in the air gave me goosebumps! I realised then and there that I would combine my passion for organisation and love. So a year later I quit my corporate job, got my Wedding Planner certification and am now pursuing my dream as a wedding planner since 2022. 

Two things you should know about me. I'm easy-going and spontaneous, which might seem contradictory for a natural organiser. But I really believe that the best memories come naturally and then you've to go with the flow. But, it never hurts to plan a little ahead of course.


You may ask, what would my dream wedding be like? And for me this would be an intimate, multi-day destination wedding in a picturesque cottage with just a few family members and friends where we enjoy our time together including bubbles, music and good food of course! But first, my long term boyfriend would need to propose... wink wink. 



We love the holiday vibes, and who doesn't? you feel relaxed, happy, carefree and it definitely has a romantic edge to it. This feeling inspired us and this is where our motto: 'we create that holiday vibe on your dream wedding'  was born. We want you to experience these feelings all the time and create unforgettable memories during the preparation and your wedding day. We love romantic, personal weddings with a sparkle of colour.

We help bridal couples with the organisation of their wedding. We let you enjoy this wonderful journey by making it fun, clear and uncomplicated with our services and unburden you from start to finish. Ideal for couples who don't know how to start or simply don't have enough time for planning. Every wedding deserves the care and attention to let your dreams come true. By taking care of all arrangements, you can relish every moment. We got you covered! 

We specialise in the organisational part of the wedding preparations and work together with the best suppliers to get the most magical results. We are easy to reach and love to make an honest, personal connection. It's a collaboration between us and you. With our dedication we make your wedding one that people will talk about for years to come!

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Photos by Lin Woldendorp

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