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Wedding Rings


The services we provide vary from all-inclusive (The Big Picture) to partial elements (The Magic Touch) where you can indicate all your wishes and needs.

Many newlyweds told us that they had underestimated organising their wedding and that they would have preferred a wedding planner if they knew this beforehand. Unbeknownst to many, it takes a lot of time (±200-250 hours) to plan a wedding. In addition to making the big arrangements, such as the wedding location, there is a whole list of smaller tasks, which adds up to a laundry list of to do's, meetings, and deadlines you don't want to warry about.

You want to enjoy  the preparations and have a carefree wedding? You want it to be an unforgettable day or weekend? You don't want to search endlessly on the internet for the best venues or suppliers? Or you simply have too little time to plan your dream wedding? We are here for you! With us as wedding planners you can fully concentrate on the most fun tasks and experience the wedding day only with a healthy amount of stress. We look for the best suppliers, think about the scheduling, contact the suppliers and guests, keep an eye on the budget and coordinate all moving parts on your wedding day. With our dedication we make your wedding one that people will talk about for years to come!

Step 1. Introduction meeting & proposal | Step 2. Concept development | Step 3. Planning & organising | Step 4. You having the best day of your life!

We make your dreams come true!

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