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Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely some questions have come up with you as you browsed through our website. If your question is not listed here, feel free to send us a message. 

Do we need a wedding planner?

Yes. Many newlyweds told us that they had underestimated organising their wedding and that they would have preferred a wedding planner if they knew this beforehand. You definitly want to avoid the feeling that you 'must' organize your wedding. A wedding planner is a wonderful gift to yourself and you definitely deserve it! 

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time. In addition to making the big arrangements, such as the location, there are many more small task that add up. We are not saying that it is impossible to plan your wedding yourself, but it can take a lot of time which you could spend differently. With a wedding planner you can focus on the fun side of the planning and mainly looking forward to the big day with each other. We have already done all the research into locations and suppliers, we ensure that everything goes smoothly and take care of everything else which saves you hours of work. We got you covered!

There are so many wedding planners. Why choose V&V Events?

We are easy to reach and love to make an honest, personal connection. It's a collaboration between us and you and you will remain involved in every decision. We are committed, reliable and a lot of personal attention is guaranteed. We want you to experience the holiday vibes all the time during your wedding journey and create unforgettable memories. We love personal weddings with a sparkle of colour. We create that holiday vibe on your dream wedding!

How far in advance should we start planning our wedding?

Especially after Covid-19, it is often necessary to book a location 1 to 1.5 years in advance, especially on weekends. It is not impossible to plan a wedding less far in advance, but we do advise at least a year in advance, to make sure that all your wishes come true. The orders for suits and wedding dresses also take longer as normal. It is definitely recommended to start as soon as possible.

I already have a master of ceremonies, can I still book a wedding planner?

Yes! We are more than happy to work together with your master of ceremonies. We will keep him/her well informed with all the arrangements and we make sure that the planning for the day itself is well thought out and goes smoothly. We are in contact with all the suppliers and with us present, your master of ceremony can fully enjoy your wedding without any stress and focus mainly on the guests.

Is a wedding planner needed if I have already arranged all suppliers?

Of course. A wedding planner is often hired to reduce any form of stress and to glue everything together so that you, your friends and family can enjoy the wedding day to the fullest. We can give some extra input, make sure that a clear wedding script is written and that it's being shared with all suppliers. You can also book us only as master of ceremonies. 

How much does a wedding cost on average?

According to Perfect Wedding, Dutch couples spend on average €14.585,- euro on their wedding day in 2019. Due to the high demand for weddings and the inflation at the moment, we see that prices are rising and that there is an increase in luxury weddings. But weddings on a small budget are absolutely still possible. The most important thing is to start by determining your budget for the entire wedding. We can help with keeping track of your budget. 


In my experience, a wedding (excluding honeymoon) costs around €25.000 - €30.000,- euro (for around 80 guests). You are, however, in complete control of these costs, and they also depend strongly on the location, the amount of styling you want and the number of guests you expect. We have organised an intimate wedding for under €20.000, as well as a high-end wedding that cost more than €50.000. But yes, sometimes priorities or decisions have to be made. We stay realistic and keep you with both feet on the ground :)!

Do the prices include VAT?

Yes. The prices mentioned on the website include 21% VAT. Although, keep into account that the prices on te website are shown as an indication. After the introduction meeting, we draw up a customised quote based on your wishes and needs and also the number of hours of work we have to put in. Every wedding is different and unique,. Therefore every proposal is personalised.

What are your costs based on?

We work with an hourly rate of €80,- euro including VAT. After the first introductory meeting, you always receive a customised quote. The higher the amount of chosen service, the cheaper it is compared to the hourly rate. That's because we love to be involved from start till the end. 

  • The Big Picture (Full Service Wedding Planning) a minimum of 60 hours: €3.799,- euro which includes a commitment fee of 250,- euro. 

  • The Magic Touch/Master of Ceremonies a minimum of 25 hours: €1.799,- euro which includes a commitment fee of 250,- euro.

  • Party of Love a minimum of 10 hours: starting fee €700,- euro. Price range depending on wishes and needs.

The prices include VAT, but exclude travelling expenses. We calculate €0.45,- euro inclusive of VAT per kilometre driven from Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. With a wedding over 70 guests we need to hire a wedding assistent (+300,- euro) to maintain the quality and service.

Do you charge anything for the first meeting?

No. it's complety free.The introduction meeting is to get to know each better and to get a better understanding of your wishes, needs and ideas. After the introduction we do make the choice wheter we want to plan your dream wedding together.  It has to feel good for the both of us since we will be working closely together:)

What is your payment plan?

After approval of the proposal, a down payment must be made to secure the booking. For invoices above €1,000, we ask for a down payment of 60%. Everything under €1,000 must be paid in one go. All payments are made before the wedding.


Payment conditions:

At signing the contract: 60% of the total sum*

Two weeks before the wedding: 40% of the total sum*

Additional costs such as travellling expenses, accommodation will be charged a week after the wedding.

* We will coordinate further payments with you in whichever way suits you best. In case of a cancellation, the commitment fee of 250,- euro cannot be recovered. 

Do you plan destination weddings?

Our focus is on The Netherlands at the moment. But this doesn't mean that if you want to get married abroad that we can't help you. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you and take it to the next level #committed. In the future our goal is to expand abroad!

We live abroad. Can we book you as our wedding planner?

For sure! If you are planning to get married in the Netherlands, a wedding planner is very useful. The last couple of years we have seen that online meetings is just as good as offline. We can check everything on location, before the wedding and discuss all possibilities with you. As mentioned above, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you for a wedding abroad. Let's get in touch!

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